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the spirit of adventure starts here.

We explore the world and bring back treasures you have never seen before. 

We climb mountains, trek along rocky trails and wander through markets from Marrakesh to Mumbai.



We provide our clients with a piece of history through our community’s craft, and strive To add beauty & functionality to people’s homes, helping them to create a home rather than just a house.


We sit with the locals over a late night beer to hear about a hidden chest or an ancient pot that has a tale to tell. To us, the story is as important as the beauty of the piece that has lived and been loved and now can be yours. We buy treasures so you can enjoy the fun of a trade and wonder.

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Our showroom is always bursting at the seams with trinkets and treasures from all over the world. Items are all handmade and therefore always unique. Get in touch to request specific items or better yet, visit us to explore our three story showroom.​

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Travel Journal

A collection of stories from our travels & Expressions of gratitude 

for all the magic that we are able to experience and the beauty we are surrounded by.

Travel Journal

The Magic of Morocco

Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco; this North African nation is full of vibrant colours, rich history, and unforgettable natural beauty. With a coastline that

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The Amatuli Squad

We are a wild bunch!

Amatuli Staff

What they Say...

Sithembile Mqadi
November 2021
Read More
Excellent hang out spot and visual stimulation gallery. Please be sure to check out the antique furniture.
Michelle Blanton Knolton
July 2021
Read More
Such extraordinary items. A must visit location for design inspiration or gifts.
Lizette van der Merwe
May 2021
Read More
This is more than a shop. It's a destination. Lovers of art, artifacts, unique pieces, beautiful objects. Just go. For the whole day. Amazing. 😍
Nicci Jennings
3 January 2020
Read More
Never will you find more beautiful,strange, exotic , and whimsical objects .. amazing Amatuli... the place to shop.
Raramai Campbell
December 2019
Read More
An eclectic collection of really cool pieces from artwork, mirrors, pillows, sculpture and furniture. The conncted latin restaurant was tasty too.
Balkissa Kane
October 2021
Read More
The shop were I can spend my days in! Love the furniture and decor. Got my Malawi chairs from Amatuli. Being from West Africa. It is like a trip back home.