The Collector’s Interior

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Time capsule: how our spaces help us slow down
Taking a pause in this beautifully curated patio area – an ideal outdoor summer space – we ask the question: can our environment speak of treasuring time and honouring the moment? Looking around, and looking within, it becomes obvious that it can. And it does so because each object in th...
Awaken curiosity
A room with beautiful furnishings and an abundance of unusual curiosities on display is a lovely sight to behold, but can it be more? We believe, yes, so much more. Chosen carefully, every artefact has a story to tell; every piece of artwork a history and meaning; every functional item a birthplace ...
Winter : Shades of Dust
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” - John Muir Treasure lies in the dust. You may not know, but Amatuli means, “River of Dust” and natural, loamy tones are by far our favourite interior colours. For us, dust is the source of life, the ...

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