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The Collector’s Interior

Awaken Your Spaces Back
Awaken Your Spaces
17 October, 2016

Our Baskets, mats, bags, footstools, poufs, wall hangings and hats woven from reeds, raffia and straw are some of our favourite imports from Madagascar!

While artefacts can impart a hands-off austerity to a room, modern African home decor invites involvement. Whether it’s a dining room, living room or entrance hall, there is no better way to give your space a cultural awakening!

African decor can be dynamic, creative and inspiring, not to mention the originality of every artwork! Raw materials have been transformed by decades of inherited skill. Each artwork can take many days to complete. There is a family, a village, a history behind every piece – no story is ever the same.

The partnerships behind Amatuli’s products support and develop the underprivileged. Amatuli works hard on product development within villages so that skills can be strengthened and product quality improved. The urban market demand is also communicated to the craftsmen so that they can develop supply and sustain their businesses.

Go ahead and turn your vanilla interiors into a burst of inspiration every time you enter a room!

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