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The Collector’s Interior

Living in Monochrome Back
Living in Monochrome
29 July, 2016

The Power of Contrast

Living in Monochrome is no new trend, rather a timeless and classic way of design. Without the distraction of colour, a monochrome palette brings forth form and shape. Its simplicity creates a calming space, a quiet escape where structure and texture come to the forefront.

While monochrome is largely all about black, white and shades of gray we prefer to include natural elements of wood and leather, tones just as sedative, yet rich and warm. An energetic punch of metal or marble is just as effective for more formal settings.

More than most scenes, monochromatic rooms need texture and layering. An array of mud cloth scatter cushions, hand stitched textiles, a solid black nguni hide, sheepskins and knits. The contrast of materials makes up any for any "loss of interest".

When we choose monochrome we draw from nature, design, photography and culture. We take from old and new to create serene, striking and tactile surroundings. 

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