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The Collector’s Interior

Winter : Shades of Dust Back
Winter : Shades of Dust
23 June, 2016
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” - John Muir

Treasure lies in the dust. You may not know, but Amatuli means, “River of Dust” and natural, loamy tones are by far our favourite interior colours. For us, dust is the source of life, the substance that hides treasures, the universal powder on which we stand. We don’t mind the dry, or the deserts.

When summer greens fade away, the rich shades of the earth appear. Deep clays, mustard yellows, dirty ash greys, bronzes, and chestnut reds. These winter tones go hand in hand with cinnamon, chocolate, fireside whiskey, black coffee and early morning game drives – some of our best winter indulgences. We find them in Nguni hides, rusted metals, wood, handmade terracotta beads and handwoven, earth-stained fabrics. They draw us closer to our heritage and land.

This winter be inspired by the dust - bring it indoors. 

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