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The Collector’s Interior

Curate your Space Back
Curate your Space
05 May, 2016
A well curated home tells a legend of travel and faraway places, of makers and objects with history and purpose. Your home is a storyteller, inviting your visitors into a unique expression. It is your personal art gallery in which you create and curate. After all, there is no life in cookie-cutting a store’s showroom display.

This means ‘decorating’ may take time, but as long as the essentials are in place, there’s nothing better than hanging a piece of handcrafted mud cloth over your Grandfather’s armchair, or unrolling that Turkish carpet on your lounge floor – the one you bartered for in an old junk shop, lugged through Istanbul on your head and threw out your clothes for, so it would fit in your suitcase.

In 16th and 17th century Europe, it was fashionable to have a "Wunderkammer" - a cabinet of curiosities or wonder chamber. Everyday-curators set aside rooms to be filled with remarkable objects - an outward display of an internal thirst for knowledge and the unusual. Inside one of these chambers you might find taxidermy birds, skeletons, precious stones and artefacts.

Your camber of curiosities might be a bookshelf laden with your favourite records, novels, an old family photograph and objects laced with the memories of weird and wonderful people you’ve met and places you’ve been to.

Sometimes these pieces are items others have tossed aside, but that’s okay, as Michel de Montaigne once said; “The most ordinary things, the most common and familiar, if we see them in their true light, would turn out to be the most marvelous.”

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