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Indigo Cloth

Indigo Cloth is usually woven by men and dyed by women. The indigo colour is obtained from plant sources - indigofera plant and the indigo vine. Dried balls of crushed leaves are left to ferment before they are mixed with an alkaline solution to produce the dye. The cotton cloth is repeatedly immersed into the dye to darken the colour. Afterwards the textile is hand-beaten to fasten the colour.

Indigo Cloth signifies wealth, abundance and fertility 

Indigo Cloth is also available in the following approximate cushion sizes:
Small 50 x 50cm
Medium 50 x 70cm  

Sourcing difficulty: 1 = very easy to find, 5 = very rare 4
Material Cotton
Country of origin Mali

All products sourced and sold by Amatuli Trading Store are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly the same and because of this, variations in colour, size and condition may occur.

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