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Ikat Textiles

Ikat is a style of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design. The spectacular and very famous ikat of Sumba is made of cotton hand spun, traditionally dyed with local plants and minerals. Thread is spun from July to October, then bound for patterns until December. It can take one year for one piece of textile. Ikat textiles are used for exchange at important ceremonies and show one's social status. At funerals, the most exquisite textiles are placed in the grave for use in the afterworld.

Ikat is also available in the following approximate cushion sizes:
Small 50 x 55cm
Medium 55 x 70cm

Sourcing difficulty: 1 = very easy to find, 5 = very rare 4
Material Yarn
Country of origin Indonesia

All products sourced and sold by Amatuli Trading Store are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly the same and because of this, variations in colour, size and condition may occur.

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