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Blou Wildebeest

The blou wildebeest is found on short grasslands of both southern and eastern Africa. They are known for their large pair of curved horns which grow close together at the base, but then curve outward, inward and slightly backward. This antelopes' common name "blue wildebeest" refers to its silvery-blue coat. However, it is also known as a "gnu", an alternative name given to the buck by the Khokhoi people.

Sourcing difficulty: 1 = very easy to find, 5 = very rare 1
Dimensions Average Height: 750mm
Material Bone and Horn
Country of origin South Africa

All products sourced and sold by Amatuli Trading Store are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly the same and because of this, variations in colour, size and condition may occur.

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