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Zulu Pots

Rimless pots made from fine brown or black clay are produced by women throughout the KwaZulu-Natal region. The most common decorative technique is the practice of adding raised warts or amasumpa. The patterns formed by these decorations are known by different names, depending on how they are grouped. After a second baking or firing in a dry grass fire, the pot surfaces are rubbed with animal fat or a wax polish and a polishing pebble.

Some pots have a glossy black finish, which is achieved by combining sifted soot and a special leaf ash in the polish. Pots of this kind are intended principally for serving and drinking a sorghum-based beer that is brewed in larger, comparatively roughly made clay vessels.

Sourcing difficulty: 1 = very easy to find, 5 = very rare 2
Dimensions 200 - 350mm (H)
Material Clay
Finish Polished
Country of origin South Africa

All products sourced and sold by Amatuli Trading Store are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly the same and because of this, variations in colour, size and condition may occur.

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