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Graham Springer: art, penguins, and being followed by lions
“I seek not to capture anything with a photograph,” says Graham Springer. “Not the essence. Not the spirit. For, by very definition, these things cannot be captured. The essence and spirit of the places and animals that I photograph are, however, inextricable from the images that I...
Asante Sane | Photographic Exhibition
Zanzibar, one of Africa's most exotic and legendary islands has always found a place in the heart of Amatuli. There is a magic that lives there, and if you can clear your mind and see past the many tourists, you are instantly transported back in time to an age of discovery, exploration, danger and a...
David Ballam, photography, black mambas and waking up under mosquito nets
David Ballam is a true artist explorer, a photographer on the hunt for that next great shot. It’s no surprise that his work has found a home in our Kramerville warehouse. Alongside good coffee and a game of darts, Dave has an appreciation for solitude. His lone-ranger instinct has led him all ...

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