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Fante Flags
Fante or Asafo flags are flying into interior spaces across the globe. We have always been drawn to these rich textiles. An interesting mix of colourful, contemporary and almost retro design, contrasted by age and African tradition, causes Fante flags to stand out in the arena of African art. Their ...
David Ballam, photography, black mambas and waking up under mosquito nets
David Ballam is a true artist explorer, a photographer on the hunt for that next great shot. It’s no surprise that his work has found a home in our Kramerville warehouse. Alongside good coffee and a game of darts, Dave has an appreciation for solitude. His lone-ranger instinct has led him all ...
African beads and their history
From the earliest times nomadic tribes have used beads for adornment, magic and bartering. Beads are some of Africa’s oldest artifacts, unlikely to erode like other crafts. African artisans continue to create beautiful beadwork unique to their tribe or region.     NUPE TRIBAL NECK...

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