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Prints: Moments captured in time Back
Prints: Moments captured in time
23 May, 2018

At Amatuli, we adventure to and explore the far reaches of the world, collecting artefacts that are intriguing and unique; each containing their own story. Prints have always been one of our passions, fine art that speaks to any context.

Vintage Maps

Amatuli’s collection of vintage maps has been curated from far and wide, brought in from antique libraries, collectors and old atlases. Photographer David Ballam’s hand-sketched aloes have been layered on top of some old African climate and vegetation maps to form interesting and distinct pieces of art. Included in the collection are also vintage political maps of Southern Africa.

Amatuli will be releasing a new line of city maps soon - please watch our social media pages for this release of exciting artefacts.

Graham Springer

Graham Springer is a photographic artist whose muses are the wild places and animals of the African landscape. He strives to make images illuminate his subject choice in a way that engages people on different levels, aesthetically, intellectually and emotionally. Most of his last decade has been spent in northern Botswana, searching for beauty and the extraordinary.

“And the wild places have always drawn me. It is here, where others are not, that I am most comfortable.”

His earlier works from Botswana from 2002 - 2013 have been compiled into a collection called “Homage”.

Springer has just unveiled his newest range, “Elegy”, showcasing wild Africa from 2014 – present. Prints in this range are limited to editions of 18 only.

Cameroon Portraits

In a small city in Cameroon, Foumban - these archival prints were found in various hole-in-the-wall antique stores and homes. Foumban is an extraordinary place where the entire village has developed a craft industry, which has become the centre of tribal art for the whole of West Africa.

With a distinct retro-African feel, this collection of unique and quirky family and individual portraits span between the 1950 and 1970's.

Andrea Jane Holmes

AJ Holmes is part of a photo-taking team called Page & Holmes Photography and the previous Marketing Manager at Amatuli. With a flair for documentary style photography, she is passionate about capturing honest moments. While on a staff holiday in Zanzibar, AJ and Mark Valentine beautifully captured the Masai in and around Stone Town.

David Ballam

David Ballam focuses his attention on taking any opportunity to travel and explore the space and landscape of Southern Africa, a love that was developed during a period of three years of meaningless work and meaningful travel experiences. As a Fine Art graduate from Rhodes, Ballam is always on the hunt for that great shot which will transcend the subject matter into iconic photographic prints.

Turkana Collection:

Lake Turkana lies within the Kenyan Rift Valley and is the world’s largest permanent desert lake. Ballam finds the people that inhabit the region are most inspiring and intriguing; with customs, traditions, beliefs and beauty as deep as the lake's waters.

OMO Collection:

A variety of portraits from the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. With traditional customs and beliefs, that are still largely unaffected by outside influences, the people of the Omo Valley are beautifully unique.

Should any of these artworks speak to your soul, please contact us for a larger selection of these prints and prices. We hope you fall in love with them as much as Amatuli has.

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