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What We Discovered in Turkey Back
What We Discovered in Turkey
27 February, 2018

Where feet are humbled by woven artwork

The Allure of Turkey
Turkey – once the centre of the Roman Empire – is a feast for the senses. This historic country is also home to some of the earliest advanced civilisations known to man and the legendary city of Troy is believed to have been located there.

This mystical land is synonymous with baklava, cultural and architectural heritage, Turkish delight, traditional tea served in tulip-shaped glasses and strong coffee made in Cezves.

Amatuli’s Quest
The Amatuli team embarked on a journey to uncover one of the most beautiful items that originates from Turkey, a country with a vast history and culture. From the coastal town of Mersin, famous for its bananas and peanuts, to the rural province of Denizli, they explored many welcoming villages in search of extraordinary carpets.

Only traditional pieces, hand-woven in villages, were selected for our collection.

Hemp Carpets
Today, 100% hemp Turkish carpets are known for their aesthetic appeal whereas traditionally they were used as a surface for drying grains and fruits under an unforgiving sun. These skin-friendly, soft to the touch treasures are rare and coveted interior embellishments.

Kilim Carpets
Although sometimes considered a type of ‘oriental rug’, Kilims belong in a class of their own. The Turkish word kilim refers to a versatile pileless textile produced by one of several flat-weaving techniques. They are made from wool, possible feature a cotton trim and are slightly thinner than hemp carpets.


The visible design on a pile rug is the result of individual short strands of various colours that have been knotted onto the warps and held together by pressing the wefts tightly. The design on a flatweave kilim rug is created by interweaving different coloured wefts.

When it was time to choose carpets for our store, we selected earlier created two- and three-panel kilims from the Anatolia Mersin-Anamur and Denizli-Acıpayam regions. Each unique item, created by skilled weavers, takes about two to three months to complete and showcases pattern designs passed from one generation to the next. The design and incorporated colours typically reveal traditions and cultural beliefs from the area of origin.

They are traditionally decorative, but can also be used as prayer rugs. In the Western world they make for modern floor coverings.

 Embroidered Carpets
These traditional Turkish floor coverings are unique and valuable. Hand-embroidered wool carpets can take up to four months to complete and also feature inherited patterns.

The collection we acquired – which hails from Denizli-Uşak-Fethiye-Selendi – has been curated over the course of 20 years and includes incredibly rare pieces that are hard to come by.

 Choosing Carpets, Kilims or Rugs for Your Home
Today, many artificial pieces flood the market, so before you make a purchase consult a trusted expert.

We’d love to help you find the carpet or rug of your dreams. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for assistance.

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