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Portals to the past: Indian doors Back
Portals to the past: Indian doors
25 January, 2018

Indian doors have an otherworldly charm; they transport the soul to a place where the imagination is free to roam and conjure up scenes of a distant past. There’s something romantic about the intricacy; the splendour shrouded in history and mystery.


It’s been said that Rajasthan, a state in northwest India, is the jewel in India’s crown – the realm of ‘Maharajas’, Sanskrit for great rulers or great kings. In fact, Rajasthan translates to ‘The Land of Kings’ which is fitting considering its rich and turbulent history.

Today, Rajasthan is a land with both desert and forest terrains, with camels and tigers; a smorgasbord of art, incredible cuisine, culture, colour, extraordinary attractions and festivals.

A part of fantastic forts to picture-perfect palaces, the ornate doors hailing from this iconic region did justice to the places they once guarded and adorned.

The Meaning and Purpose of Indian Doors

Certain ornate doors from Rajasthan assumed the roles of status symbols. The wealth and fame of a family residing behind high walls would be indicated by such a door. After entering, one might follow supposedly practical twists and turns before arriving in an opulent space.

Masterfully constructed from Indian Teak, a tropical hardwood tree, these doors and others would dutifully serve under the harsh Rajasthan sun for hundreds of years.

Another duty of doors featuring spikes was to discourage war elephants from pushing down the enhanced doors with their heads. Most of the doors from Rajasthan were intended to defend their attached residences.

The Doors Today

Ancient artefacts like these have the ability to transport us to the past. They prompt us to pause and breathe in a world filled with frenetic moments, acting as a reminder of what was and what remains.

Indian doors can transform our homes in both functional and decorative ways with their strong features and rich pasts. The natural vibrancy of some doors is contagious while the ancient ‘souls’ of others are inspiring. They can bestow essence to spaces in need of a ‘story’ and enrich rooms in need of character.

From marvellously minimalist to intricately decorated, there is a door for every style and setting. Dare to discover the door for you at Amatuli.

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