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Graham Springer | Emotionally Evocative Elegy Collection | New Additions Back
Graham Springer | Emotionally Evocative Elegy Collection | New Additions
10 January, 2018

Graham Springer has added another set of stirring photographs to his ongoing, emotionally evocative ELEGY COLLECTION. Hahnemuhle 100% cotton rag paper and pigment inks are used to create the personally produced Giclee prints that are museum quality and not susceptible to fading.


The limited edition prints in this range, or rather artworks depicting the wonders of wild Africa, can be acquired from Amatuli Artefacts. Only 18 of each will be released for sale. We can also assist with framing requirements, should you be interested.

Visual Songs of Sorrow

The touching title chosen for the collection, namely Elegy, is a woeful whisper meant to subtly make us aware of the ceaseless threats faced by Africa’s natural landscapes and her magnificent wildlife.


Each photograph literally has the power to stun. To make you pause, almost involuntarily, as your surroundings fade away and your attention, perhaps even a part of yourself, is drawn into the seemingly surreal set Graham has so perfectly put together.


His portrayal of creatures that should not be held captive is captivating. Through his art we can literally picture, almost experience, wildlife where they should be. Free.

The Silent and Attentive Side of Africa

Graham’s work aesthetics do not compete with action. The hunt is not the thrill or even the feature. The thought behind it, the pensivity is primary. The thought-provoking power of each piece is significant.


Many African places have featured in his work and found a way into his heart. Graham especially has a strong connection with the environment and wildlife in Botswana having lived and worked there for many years. It is one of his favourite (if not the favourite) places. After all, his first collection, Homage, was born in this extraordinary country.

Graham’s long-term project to create a body of work that represents the great diversity of Africa’s wilderness environments commenced in 2015. It was time to explore other gems in our vast and varied continent. He shared that all the areas visited have their own, very distinct spirit,

The resilience of the life that exists in the Namib desert stands in such stark juxtaposition to the incredible abundance of life sustained by the Serengeti eco-system. The jungles of East-Central Africa, surrounding numerous active volcanoes, have a deeply primal energy that is hard to explain. The great Zambezi River system has its own distinct vitality.


Graham believes that the true essence of the places he explores can never truly be captured. Though he does hope to convey some of the wonder he feels when photographing; to depict their unique spirit. We believe, and it is essentially evident, that he succeeds, every single time.

Graham explained that the pieces in his Elegy Collection are quite different from his earlier work. The animals are positioned in the context of their environment, often vast landscapes. Considering that his work is created for large format print purposes, the animals that may seem slightly insignificant become particularly noticeable within these huge landscapes. He also noted that some of the work is more abstract or textural in nature.

What Graham manages to communicate on a purely emotional level is an example of the great power of art. Through him we are able to feel some sense of connection to the place and time in which he made each individual image.

And so, as we reflect, we need to become conscious of the enormous pressure the remaining wilderness is under. We need to think about how the human population and our ever-growing needs push the wildlife into ever-constrained pockets. Graham desperately hopes that the collection’s name, Elegy, is a misnomer and that what remains of our wilderness survives the inexorable surge of humanity.

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