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So you think you can polish? Back
So you think you can polish?
30 May, 2016

We ended off our last lifestyle post “Curate your Space” with Michel de Montaigne words; “The most ordinary things, the most common and familiar, if we see them in their true light, would turn out to be the most marvellous.” These seem like the most fitting words to introduce you to Amatuli’s polishing department.

We are in the business of searching out treasure, and sometimes it takes a special kind of eye to see the potential of objecte after years of use, sometimes abuse and many layers of dust. The collectors’ lenses see beyond the obvious and imagine their finds restored and revalued.

Once the thrill of the chase is over, and a container arrives on Amatuli’s shores packed full of interesting pieces, it is the skillful work of our polishers to bring forth their beauty. To carefully rub away mistreatment and unveil the differing patterns of wood grain, allowing each piece to shine.

It’s not as simple as rubbing and buffing. A good polisher knows when to switch up his brush for a cloth, and what substance will most enhance a table or lozi bowl.

In an age of mass production and disposal a trend towards restoration and respect for the artisan is emerging. Call it ethical shopping or green consumerism, being engaged and aware of where the items you purchase come from and whose hands have created or restored them is becoming more and more important.

The next time you are in our store take a moment to sit with our polishers. (For those of you who haven’t ventured down to our basement, the workshop is a magical place!) If nothing else, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about caring for your homeware.  

Here’s a behind the scenes photo essay of our polishing department.

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