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Asante Sane | Photographic Exhibition
11 May, 2016

Zanzibar, one of Africa's most exotic and legendary islands has always found a place in the heart of Amatuli. There is a magic that lives there, and if you can clear your mind and see past the many tourists, you are instantly transported back in time to an age of discovery, exploration, danger and adventure. Zanzibar was the birthplace of Freddie Mercury; Tippu Tip, the infamous slave trader who got his nickname from the sound that his guns made as he walked; home to the famous artist Irma Stern; of course the the fabled meeting place of Emily Moon and Harry Mallard. Read the legend of Emily Moon

We ventured into the heart of Zanzibar on Tuesday night through the stories of Mark Valentine and David Ballam's striking photographs depicting Zanzibar's dhows, the proud Masai warriors and the island's mysterious architecture. Calcio & Cream set up a Zanzibar food market for us, complete with fire pits and an assortment of 'street food' like glazed short rib, fish and masala chicken skewers, pilaf rice and chapatti - all washed down by a Corona or two!


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