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About Us

We found an antique bronze mask in Benin…

The spirit of adventure starts here. We explore the world and bring back treasures you have never seen before. We climb mountains, trek along rocky trails and wander through markets from Marrakesh to Mumbai. We sit with the locals over a late night beer to hear about a hidden chest or an ancient pot that has a tale to tell. To us the story is as important as the beauty of the piece that has lived and been loved and now can be yours. We buy them so you can enjoy the fun of a trade and wonder about the people whose lives it has touched.

Everything we buy is original, handcrafted and created with skills long forgotten. You will not find its like again. Nor will you will be tempted by a copy. At Amatuli you can buy Kuba cloth woven from raffia, the way it was woven centuries ago when it graced the throne of the king. It is the same with every string of antique beads, every hand carved doll, every well used chair. And everything has a story. At Amatuli we think an object without a story is meaningless. Which is why we do what we do.

when we were on our way to Marrakech

That’s how our travels take us. We head for the unknown and often get sidetracked along the way. Our mission is to find that gem and it’s usually off the beaten track. You can see where we’ve been from the map but it doesn’t describe the village in the Congo where we shared a plate of food or the courtyard in Morocco where we fell in love with a bright blue door. We’ve been just about everywhere in India, are quite familiar with Chad and recently added Madagascar and Turkey to our itinerary. Come and see what we found there.

Become an Amatuli Wholesaler

It is well known that we import artefacts and rare items from the wilder parts of the world but did you know that we also export these items to retailers and boutique owners across the globe? If you are interested in stocking our products, we invite you to become an Amatuli Wholesaler. This enables you to order directly from us and sell our products in your store or to your clients in the interior decor and design industry. We can advise on freight and logistics.

We are committed to upholding the integrity of our brand and require wholesale clients to meet certain criteria. If you are interested in exploring this option, please complete the stockist application form. We will review your application and, when approved, will send you a confirmation email and introduce you to the sales consultant who will handle your account.

Our collections

Amatuli belongs to a collection of companies notable for their independent attitudes and off-the-wall but highly successful approaches. Right outside Amatuli's Trading Store is the African-inspired venture, Milk Bar, serving cappuccinos, juices and nice things to eat from 6:30 am. Milk Bar shape shifts into a bar when the sun goes down and the stars come out. Patrons sit at large wooden tales and chill to interesting music tracks from foreign parts and a busker on Thursday nights. Very cool...

Katy’s Palace Bar is one of the must-go-to places in Johannesburg. There’s nowhere quite like it and once discovered, is impossible to ignore. Set on a rooftop in Kramerville, Katy’s is the perfect place for a corporate celebration or the wildest party of your dreams. An eclectic mix of furniture, fabrics, artefacts and other fascinating treasures are available to transform this spectacular space into whatever fantasy rings your bells.

Downstairs there’s a bar called Sir James van der Merwe, where gentlemen and other people can have a drink. There’s a story here too.

Emily Moon River Lodge is a luxurious boutique hotel with a distinctly African air, which is set on the banks of the Pitou River near Plettenberg Bay. The hotel consists of 10 private lodges set in an indigenous garden, with magnificent views of the river and the wetlands beyond. Rare artefacts, impeccable standards and a warm welcome attract visitors from all over the world.

Dining at Emily’s is a treat. The spirit of Africa lives in every corner of this most exquisite of dining halls so you can feast your eyes on spears, sculptures and paintings while contemplating the menu. The food is as fresh as the dawn and locally sourced. Vegetables and salads are nearly all home grown.

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